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Kids Thrive has been partnering with children since 2010. Over ten years we have had huge success in empowering kids to take creative, positive action in their communities.

We thank all organisations and individuals who have partnered with Kids Thrive on this journey.
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Kids Thrive has had incredible feedback from those we’ve worked with and has received four major state and national awards.

Victorian Health Promotion Awards


We were thrilled to be a finalist in the 2021 Victorian Health Promotion Awards for our breadth of child-led change programs and approaches.

We’re proud to have been recognised amongst the many extraordinary organisations making a vital difference to the health and wellbeing of our community.  

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Community Philanthropy Award

Philanthropy Australia

Kids Thrive was thrilled to be awarded Philanthropy Australia’s inaugural Community Philanthropy Award (in partnership with funding partners Geelong Community Foundation and Give Where You Live) for our Geelong Kids as Catalysts program. Read all about the Australian Philanthropy Awards 2020.

The Kids Thrive child-led change strategy has again been recognised for promoting individual and community resilience, for building community connections and for supporting young people to thrive and contribute to society.

A virtual awards ceremony was held on Tuesday 17th November 2020. See Kids Thrive’s acceptance video below.

Improving Mental Wellbeing Award


Kids Thrive is incredibly proud to have been awarded for its commitment to the health of Victorians by winning the 2017 VicHealth Award for Improving Mental Wellbeing.

This award acknowledges the Kids as Cataysts program for its innovative approach to building children’s personal resilience, educational engagement and community connections, whilst engaging literacy, numeracy and teamwork skills.

Recognised for strengthening the connections between children and community groups, the program empowers children to become change-makers in their communities.

Dr Andrea Lemon – Kids Thrive CEO/Creative Director, Jill Hennessey MP, Joanne Taylor – Kids Thrive GM

2013 Schools First Seed Funding Award


KIND supports disadvantaged children and their families to change their tune, tell a different story about who they are and who they can be, and to perform their best selves in concerts for the community.

 KIND builds on the Banyule Kids Thrive model to include a focus on cultural pride, acknowledging difference, understanding fairness, and taking action against unfairness.

 Winner of the 2013 NAB Schools First Seed funding award, this program has been recognised for creating opportunities for children to engage in positive, creative interactions exploring culture, tolerance and empathy.

2012 Schools First Seed Funding Award


Banyule Kids Thrive is a unique primary prevention program using songwriting and performance to support children in exploring creative approaches to transform challenges and obstacles into opportunities for growth.

Participation in the program has seen kids increase their personal expression, confidence, community trust and engagement.

Winner of the 2012 NAB Schools First Seed Funding award, the program has been recognised for bringing schools, community agencies, and community members together to support local kids to make positive, creative changes in their lives.

Australian Writers Guild’s ‘Best Script for Young People’

Kids Thrive Directors Andrea Rieniets and Andrea (Ande) Lemon were awarded the Australian Writers Guild ‘Best Script for Young People’ award for their original production of Postcards from Nanna, which they then adapted as Kids Thrive and delivered for 3 years’ in extensive library and festival tours across Victoria, including Professional Learning workshops with Children’s Librarians – funded and supported by Vichealth.

Centenary Federation Medal for services to society

Kids Thrive Directors Andrea Rieniets and Dr. Andrea (Ande) Lemon are both recipients of the Centenary Federation Medal for their contribution to the arts in Australia, acknowledging over 30 years’ service to theatre, community and to young people.

Kids Thrive.