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Professional Learning

Using arts with children and communities to foster cultural sharing.

Professional learning – inclusive practices in child and community engagement sessions.

Based on Cha Cha Sam’s award-winning show Postcards from Nanna, and the accompanying album of songs, this workshop (developed in partnership with Relationships Australia SA and VicHealth) will grow your organisation’s capacity to engage with all the different people in your community.

  • Expand your knowledge of cultural and community diversity
  • Build your confidence in working with culturally diverse children and families
  • Learn simple music and arts activities to engage children and families in gentle conversations about diversity and social inclusion
  • Improve your public story time skills
  • Understand some of the many presentations and impacts of racism and discrimination

Suitable for professionals working with children aged 3-8 and their communities:

  • Libraries
  • Community hubs
  • Primary schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Daycare centres
  • DV and homeless sector
  • Those wishing to build knowledge and confidence in working with diverse communities, grow skills in gentle community engagement, and to facilitate children’s and families’ participation in group activities

Participants receive:

  • A Postcards From Nanna CD and Activity Booklet to use with children and communities
  • Techniques to understand and use music to engage with children
  • Key information from VicHealth and RASA about the consequences of racism, and the benefits of cultural diversity and inclusion
  • Creative approaches to engage your community in positive conversations about cultural diversity
  • Arts-based activities and resources to foster gentle, fun, ongoing engagement with these issues in your children’s program

Program Outcomes

Post-training evaluation reveals 90% of participants experience an increase in confidence in using music and the arts in their work with kids; and 85% experience an increase in confidence engaging professionally with different cultures.

Reflections from past participants:

“The unexpected surprise was how easy it is to include cultural differences in Storytime.”

“I realise how important it is to tackle difficult questions – but it doesn’t have to be difficult.”

“I discovered I can work more on looking at the content of storybooks and detecting any bias.”

“From today I will use more interest (tempo, anticipation, pitch etc.) in my stories.”

KIND Professional Learning sessions in Hume

Delivery and Funding Partner – agency
Hume City Council

Kids Thrive.