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Our vision is for all children to thrive and be empowered to lead creative community change.

We nourish connections between children and their local communities, develop children’s courage, creativity and capacity to drive positive change.


Our purpose is to foster positive outcomes for children and their communities. We do this by developing innovative arts and social justice programs in collaboration with specialists in children’s education, health, welfare and cultural diversity.


Child-led social change recognises that children are able to initiate and lead positive change for the benefit of all.

‘We believe children can thrive when we acknowledge their capacity to lead local change.’

Dr Andrea Lemon
Founder, Kids Thrive

Prevention and early intervention

We engage children aged 0-12 in positive ideas and practices before they enter their adolescent years, and before any potential problems become too firmly entrenched.

Professional and community partnerships

We partner artists with children’s specialists in the areas of health, education, welfare and cultural diversity. Together we develop and deliver programs engaging children across Victoria, working primarily with children living in vulnerable communities. We believe that healthy social connections are developed when local organisations work together in a spirit of genuine collaboration.

Evidence-based practice

Our work draws on leading international research into child development, child trauma, arts and education, leadership and resilience, anti-bias and community development. All our programs have their own evidence base and are developed through professional evaluation for social impact.

Inclusion and diversity

Our programs cultivate personal values and attributes in children that directly correlate to a reduction in discrimination and bullying, and contribute to a positive celebration of diversity and community belonging.

Slow art model

Our programs are delivered using the Kids Thrive ‘Slow Art’ framework for working in social innovation and community cultural development. This includes gentle, repeated cycles of learning, practice, action, community celebration and reflection.

Arts and cultural practice as central to human growth and development

We passionately believe the arts are equal to and can lead education, health and social welfare approaches in their capacity to grow healthy children and communities.

Sustainable programs and outcomes

We aim for sustainable outcomes for children, partners and communities by incorporating professional development in all our programs and involving children’s specialists and professionals in program development and delivery.

Kids Thrive.