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Calls for Expressions
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Participation in Kids as Catalysts program 2022

Now you can know HOW to activate voice, agency and leadership in children.

Can your children…

  • identify issues of unfairness?
  • articulate what the issues are?
  • gather support to take responsibility to address the issues?
  • design options and solutions – that include actions to be taken, timelines and budgets?
  • ‘manage up’ to get results for themselves and others?
  • put themselves in the picture of making the changes needed?
  • connect their learning with purpose and life meaning?

They will after participating in the Kids as Catalysts program.

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What is the program?

Kids as Catalysts is an evidence-based program with clear outcomes for children. Hailed as the greatest school project ever” this program is a step-by-step real-life learning curriculum for upper primary, linked to Victorian Curriculum.

Kids as Catalysts is a 7-module Inquiry unit delivered over two terms by teachers/facilitators co-teaching with the online Kids Thrive video lessons.

Now we are calling for EOI for 6 schools in 2022 to change the way their children learn, and teachers teach forever.

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What your students get as a result of Kids as Catalysts

Life skills for a lifetime of learning including – using questions to make connections and guide action, speaking up in public spaces to adults, applying persistence in the face of obstacles, using the telephone to get a result, planning, budgeting, pitching a community action in partnership with a community charity or volunteer group; and then showcasing to the community what kids and by extension they, can do to bring local solutions to local issues.
  • Active and powerful student voice and agency that lives on well beyond the program
  • Increased community connections with their school community
  • Increased engagement and age appropriate achievement across the domains
  • Increased personal and interpersonal safety and wellbeing
  • Increased purpose driven self-initiated learning
  • Increased community connections for better networks, opportunities and resilience


Teachers speak of:

  • Inspiration and reinvigoration, a return to the original passion for education making a big difference in a child’s life
  • The lift to classroom culture with students who are happy to be at school and keen to drive their own learning
  • An exciting way to thread curriculum demands into student-centred purpose driven skill and positive mindset development
  • The exhilaration of positive team teaching and achievement
  • Students skipping to class and laughing with team mates outside their friendship circles

Case Workers & School Counsellors

Case workers and school counsellors speak of:

  • Seeing children of vulnerable families through a strengths lens
  • Celebrating the capacity rather than the deficit of the child and their family care
  • Crying from seeing children ‘at the pointy end’ of need looking proud and confident and self-regulated and capable of belonging to the broader community

What’s in the box?

  • 7-module online video course to be used in class
  • Course materials and participant workbooks to download and print
  • Curriculum links and teacher guides
  • Professional Development, mentoring and coaching for teachers

Express you interest NOW to change the way your learners learn and teachers teach forever!

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Come and make a difference for your school and students.

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    Achieving Excellence in Curriculum Priorities

    The Department of Education Victoria’s Framework for Improving Student Outcomes is designed to improve student engagement, achievement and wellbeing.

    Kids as Catalysts creates a vehicle for schools to reach a level of excellence in priority areas of Positive Climate for Learning and Community Engagement in Learning, in particular:

    • Empowering students and building school pride
    • Activating student voice, leadership and agency in their learning so students have positive school experiences and can act as partners in school improvement
    • Building Communities
    • Global Citizenship

    Impact of Kids as Catalysts

    Kids as Catalysts has been delivered in more than 35 Victorian schools over multiple years since 2011. It has demonstrated the significance of building links and relationships between children, schools, agencies and their community. It develops the skills of teachers and children to investigate and understand themselves and others as well as their community through a philanthropic and social action lens.

    Kids as Catalysts inspires and equips children to lead change at a community level, resulting in the following benefits.

    Benefits to the Child

    Social and emotional skills – confidence, empathy, resilience and self esteem.
    Creative learning skills – educational engagement, self-direction, literacy and numeracy gains.
    Leadership skills – leadership and teamwork capabilities.

    Assessment and evaluation Tools

    This version is a step by step co-teaching method for your brightest teachers with a big ‘Yes’ inside them to help switch on the capacity of your students to look outside of themselves, help others, work outside of friendship groups, make broader links in their local community to increase resilience through connectedness.

    Data coming back is showing consistent rises in student engagement, student voice and agency, literacy and numeracy.

    Kids Thrive.