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Kids Creative Change Virtual Hub

Co-designed by children with artists

The Bridge 

Australian first – addressing the link between excessive gaming and future gambling harm with children. The Bridge is currently in preparation to be rolled out by the Victorian Government, on its own website to all Victorian primary schools.

The Bridge is our first example of what assets in the Kids Creative Change Virtual can look like. Each virtual program will include  content co-designed with and for children, educators and creative artists/Community Cultural Development artists..

The programs are specifically designed  for use in universal (group) delivery settings with children and include:

  • Creative assets
  • Creative learning resources to use in association with the assets
  • Research and evidence materials to support teacher/facilitator topic knowledge

This arts-education eco system  will be held together by an instructive framework:


Songwriting for Cultural Empathy.

The lyrics are actual words drawn from designed cultural conversations and activities led by  Kids Thrive creative facilitator, Dave Henry.  The words are spoken, then shaped and reshaped by children from grades 1-6 (ages 6-12) with songwriter/creative director Andrea Rieniets. The band is Jo Abbott on keyboards, Gavin Gray on drums,  Andrew O’Grady on bass and Steve Temple on trumpet.

Images in the animation are by the children with arts direction by animator Sal Cooper.


Each team and a Kids Thrive artist and Conversation Facilitator collaborates with children to create a community arts piece to educate and raise the community’s awareness of  the issue the team cares about.

This is, if you can imagine, the junior Community Cultural Development Artists training course for future creative activists and community artists.

Kids as Catalysts

Award-winning creative leadership and resilience program, Kids as Catalysts empowers children to be catalysts for good in their local communities. Rehearsing skills, then enacting them empowers children to take the lead in community conversations and social change.

This program uses a theatre rehearsal and creative development arc – exploration of subject matter, development of ensemble, design, scripting and pitching for funding, then ‘performing’ the community action together.

After this a community Showcase Expo is used as a community engagement platform to change the narrative within vulnerable communities. Children take the lead in changing the narrative of disempowerment.

2020 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report


Here are 2 critical evaluations from over 12 undertaken on the efficacy of Kids Thrive arts for social change programs

Child Led Community Change

Strategy Evaluation Report

Kids as Catalyst, Geelong

Geelong Kids as Catalyst Evaluation Report 2019

Kids Thrive.