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The Bridge > Module 3

Am I risking what I love?

This module explores some of the behaviours and environments that can encourage players to cross the bridge from having fun playing games to risky or unhealthy gaming behaviours. We also explore some of the consequences of these risky gaming behaviours.

Module 3

Next Steps

Having watched Video you can now work through the conversation starters and activities with your students via Module 3 workbook (PDF)

The Bridge


Module 1

How does gaming make me feel?

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Module 2

Am I in control?

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Module 3

Am I risking what I love?

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Module 4

How can I look after myself and my friends?

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How to use this site


  1. Select the module from the provided links above.
  2. Within each module you find a video link to watch.

Conversation Starters

  1. When you have finished watching your chosen video, download the module program (PDF) in the links provided.
  2. The Conversation starters are provided for each module. They refer directly to events that take place in the videos in each module.
  3. These are provided as a starting point for you to identify and lead discussions with your students about issues raised in each video. You can choose to follow them as a map for student discussion, or to provide them as a worksheet for students to fill in.
  4. We recommend leading at least some discussion before or after students engage with the worksheets, as they will learn a great deal from each other, and have the opportunity to share their own gaming experiences.

Creative Activities

A series of Creative Activities has been designed to deepen engagement with a number of issues raised in the videos.

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